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iSAFT SpaceWire Recorder


The iSAFT SpaceWire Recorder is an advanced, integrated, high performing, modern network traffic capture, recording and analysis tool for the validation of satellite/spacecraft on-board communication protocols and data networks implementing the SpaceWire protocol family.

It is capable of capturing data packets on multiple SpaceWire links, time stamping, recording, and delivering them to a powerful Protocol Analyzer for further processing & analysis. Operating on a multi-Gbytes powerful HW platform, the SW environment is based on the iSAFT graphical tool chain, thus allowing the management, filtering & searching of the recordings. It is used for troubleshooting and problem solving at various development stages, minimizing the impact on cost and schedule.

The iSAFT SpaceWire Recorder is offered in the following form factors:


Site Rackmount System (1U) Site Rackmount System (2U) Compact Lab System Portable System


The systems are typically built on CPU Intel i7- Quad core and O/S Windows 10 64Bit. They can support from 4 to 20 SpW ports (monitoring from 2 to 10 SpW links).


It includes:




Competitive advantages:

  • Four to twenty (4-20) SpaceWire ports, continuous real-time capture from 2 to 250 Mbps per port
  • Complete graphical software environment for controlling and monitoring the hardware
  • User selectable capture triggers / filters
  • Integrated Wireshark Protocol Analyser
  • Decoding of SpaceWire, RMAP, CPTP protocols
  • Recordings management, export to XML, Postscript, etc.
  • Real-Time Statistics per port / link
  • Software APIs in C#, C++, Python, standard Web services (Windows, Linux)
  • EDEN / C&C CCSDS protocol support for communication with the Central Checkout System (CCS)
  • IRIG support for time synchronization with other components in a testbed
  • Expandable with additional interfaces (MIL-STD-1553, CAN/CANOpen, SpaceFibre)
  • Fully certified for connection to space flight equipment (FMEA)


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