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iSAFT Time Triggered Ethernet (TTEthernet) Verification–SPY Tool

The iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool is an advanced, integrated, high performing, modern network traffic capture, recording and analysis platform suitable for the independent verification of Time Triggered Ethernet features, data networks and protocols.

It is capable of capturing data packets on multiple Ethernet links (100/1000 Mbps, Copper and Optical), time stamping, recording, and delivering them to a powerful Protocol Analyzer for further processing & analysis. Operating on a multi-Gbytes powerful HW platform, the SW environment is based on the iSAFT graphical tool chain, thus allowing the management, filtering & searching of the recordings.   It is used for troubleshooting and problem solving at various development stages, minimizing the impact on cost and schedule.

The iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY tool verifies that the network behaves according to the configured real time properties (e.g. worst case latency, jitter, VL scheduling, correct time synchronization). It synchronizes with the network by passively monitoring PCF frames at the monitored links and correlates the captured TT/RC /BE frames with the network-wide synchronized time to retrieve the timing properties of the traffic flows (e.g. min-max frames size, max latency, max jitter per VL, transmission time with respect to scheduled window, etc.) in order to verify them (i.e. measured properties are within the defined limits based on network scheduling configuration).


Based on an open architecture and modular design, the iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool is a future-safe, cost-effective and already validated solution. Operating on a powerful HW platform able to monitor and analyse multiple GbE links in real-time, the SW environment is based on the iSAFT graphical tool chain, thus allowing the management, filtering & searching of the recordings.  The system is fully compliant to the general EGSE requirements for space missions and relevant ECSS standards and can also be combined in the same unit with other data networks (SpaceWire, 1553, CAN, SpaceFibre, WizardLink, etc.).

The iSAFT TTEthernet Verification–SPY Tool is offered as a rackmount 1U system.

For more information, please download the product datasheet: Datasheet


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