“Microelectronics and software solutions for space, defence and aeronautics systems„
“Specialists in aerospace on-board data networks„
“25 years of experience in highly specialized, mission-critical industrial projects„
Our Approach

We work in close collaboration with our customers allowing them to make their products more reliable and more competitive. Our solutions enable them to gain a competitive edge and to get continuous support in their success.

We are constantly evolving in order to become more adaptive in our operations, more competitive in our commercial offerings and more innovative in conducting business.

Simplicity is the Strength of a Solution

Although we operate in a highly technical environment, we design our products and services to be as easy to use as possible. This philosophy has defined the modular architecture of our systems & software and it is at the heart of our ‘ready-to-run’ solutions.

Our products and services include software systems, network interface cards and testing services for rapid prototyping and validation. Our secret is the simplification of technology into strong, but flexible and easy to use systems!

Quality Assurance through Constant Improvement

At TELETEL we treat quality as an important part of the entire design cycle. In fact, we focus as much on quality as on functionality, because we see it as the best way to reduce total costs.

It is our formal policy to maintain quality assurance in software and hardware development according to ISO 9001:2008. To achieve and maintain this high standard of quality, we have invested for almost two decades in knowledge, procedures and infrastructure. During this time we have built a synergetic network with established technology partners. Constant Improvement is a key part of our quality assurance policy. With our experience and resources we can provide individual and customized solutions with full technical support.

Research & Development

Since we are involved with leading edge technology, research & development is the cornerstone of our success. We continue to make a serious commitment to Technological Research & Development in order to improve our competitiveness within the international industry.

We have been investing at an accelerating pace in R&D programs and we have a very strong presence in numerous R&D collaborating projects with international well-established enterprises, recognized academic institutions and certified research centres including: