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TELETEL delivered Instrument EGSE Set#1 for the Copernicus LSTM mission

Following the successful Test & Delivery Review Board (TRB/DRB) in December 2022 with our customer AIRBUS Defence & Space (ADS), the Copernicus LSTM I-EGSE Set#1 has now been delivered successfully to the customer premises !

The relevant commissioning and training activities will be performed by TELETEL engineers on 24-26 January 2023 at AIRBUS Toulouse.

Working now at full speed towards the manufacturing of LSTM I-EGSE Set#2.

Thank you AIRBUS and ESA for your valuable support and co-operation !

Background: The LSTM mission objective is to complement the existing family of Copernicus satellites observation capabilities with high spatio-temporal resolution Thermal Infrared observations over land and coastal regions in support of agriculture management services, and a range of additional services.

The LSTM I-EGSE will be used to verify and integrate the LSTM instrument during the AIT phases of the project. This encompasses the verification of initial Bread-Board models in isolation, up to the complete instrument composed of flight model equipment. It will provide the physical interfaces to the instrument & GSE and a software environment for command, monitoring, database management, test evaluation and automation, test archive and data retrieval capabilities.