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Two-in-One SpaceWire Simulator & Recorder with a simple software re-configuration


We are glad to announce our two-in-one iSAFT SpaceWire Simulator/Recorder product which can switch from Simulator to Recorder (and vice versa) with a simple software re-configuration.

This constitutes a unique feature in the satellite/spacecraft on-board data networks market, resulting in offering Two-in-One SpaceWire Products at half price compared to the competition.

It directly contributes to the reduction of both equipment and labour costs, which is considered one of the main customer pain points in the Space AIT domain.


Why do you need to switch from Simulator to Recorder ? The Euclid Payload Module (PLM) Case Study.

Airbus Defence & Space (ADS) in Toulouse needed to investigate a specific problem that was occurred during the Euclid PLM AIT activities. Troubleshooting was not possible to be done with the built-in monitoring function of a SpaceWire Simulator, since it is not capable to decode the SpaceWire protocol at character level (monitoring of all SpaceWire characters, errors etc.).

Thus, a SpaceWire Recorder was required for this investigation, which is capable to capture and analyse SpaceWire protocol at low level by passively monitoring & recording traffic on an existing SpaceWire link. Such functionality was not supported by any equipment in the Euclid PLM AIT testbed. The same investigation was required to be done by the final customer (Thales Alenia Space – TAS) in Torino.

TELETEL provided the capability to reconfigure with software the SpaceWire Simulator and transform it into a powerful SpaceWire recorder able to decode character level SpaceWire traffic. Both ADS and TAS managed to identify the source of the problem and apply the proper solution. At the end of the investigation the same iSAFT equipment switched back to SpaceWire Simulator mode for standard operations.