“Design and development of microelectronics and software solutions for space, defence and aeronautics systems„
“Solutions for intelligent products driven by requirements from leading industries worldwide„
“20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of highly specialized, mission-critical electronics & software products„
TELETEL designs and develops hardware & software solutions for satellite/spacecraft avionics and ground equipment, with special focus on testing & monitoring tools for on-board data networks, specialized EGSEs, on-board data handling electronics & software, GALILEO interferences & management, etc.
TELETEL is a dynamic company, which is able to adapt fast and fulfill with high quality, specialized industrial requirements. Most of our engineers are currently involved in Space projects and activities, thus having already accumulated significant know-how and expertise with regards to developing & managing space-related programs, technologies and applications.
TELETEL’s main competences in the Space domain include:

Test Equipment for satellite/spacecraft on-board data networks (SpaceWire, 1553, CAN, TTEthernet, SpaceFibre, etc.)
EGSEs & specialized SCOEs (Payload EGSE, Platform EGSE, Instrument Simulators, Platform Simulator, Custom EGSEs)
On-board SW development (Application Software, Communication Protocols etc.)
Engineering support services (AIT, AIV etc.)
TELETEL has developed and delivered high-quality specialized solutions to leading Space industries worldwide including the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus Defence & Space, Thales Alenia Space, SYDERAL, SPACEBEL, NEC and is also involved in various space R&D programs funded by EU, ESA and industrial consortia.
Additionally, TELETEL has participated in various Space missions, including Euclid, JUICE, IASI-NG and MicroCarb.
Our expertise
2. Development Services for Space on-board software

TELETEL has the capability to develop flight software components, such as:

System software
Platform software
Application software
Payload software

Development Services

1. Specialised EGSE

Building on over 20 years of expertise in testing & validation systems and with its iSAFT Product Line, TELETEL provides a comprehensive set of products and services related to customer-tailored Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) and specialised Spacecraft Check-Out Systems including:

Payload EGSE
Platform EGSE (e.g. CDMU EGSE, MMU EGSE, etc.)
Instrument Simulators
Platform Simulator
Simulator Data Front End Equipment (SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553, CAN)
Network / Link Monitor and Recording Equipment (SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553, CAN)
EGSE controllers

Further information on TELETEL’s capabilities for EGSEs in the Space domain.
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Specialized EGSE
4. Engineering Support Services to Space mission primes

TELETEL has the capability to provide engineering support in the following areas:

Operations Engineering support
Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) Engineering support
Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV) Engineering support
Independent Software Verification and Validation

Engineering support

3. Development of on-board microelectronics

TELETEL has the capability to design and develop microlectronics components such as:

FPGAs (Altera, XILINX, etc.)
RadHard design / VHDL coding
Verification and Validation of third party ICs
Embedded software development
Systems Integration & verification
Evaluation boards for new microelectronics subsystems / components (e.g. memories, microcontrollers, sensors etc.)
5. Participation in ESA studies

Since 2007, TELETEL has been successfully participating in ESA/ESTEC-ESOC studies in
cooperation with partners such as Astrium Toulouse, Astrium UK, Thales Alenia Space etc.,
in the following areas:

Testing and validation of on-board data networks
Testing and validation of on-board SW
Reference ground architectures for space systems
6. Development Services for GALILEO applications
TELETEL has the capability to provide development services for GALILEO applications such as:
GALILEO interference signal generator software
GALILEO Public Regulated Service (PRS) receiver subsystems
GALILEO/EGNOS performance simulation/emulation software and applications
Our References
SpaceWire-T/SpaceWire-D validation
An ESA/ESTEC project, in which TELETEL has designed and developed a proof-of-concept prototype for the functional and performance validation of SpW-T & SpW-D protocols. TELETEL performed analysis and validation (in terms of latency, efficiency, timeslot periods, etc.) through simulations and prototype implementations on TELETEL’s iSAFT platform, including the RMAP protocol & an RMAP conformance test suite.
SpaceWire Evolutions prototyping/validation
An ESA/ESTEC project, where TELETEL (Prime Contractor) cooperated with ASTRIUM Satellites, 4Links and SCISYS for the definition, design, breadboarding, testing and validation on the iSAFT platform of SpaceWire new features (PnP support, Interrupts distribution, Simplex & Half Duplex), compatible with the current SpaceWire standard. Functional tests performed, validating new features, assessing their efficiency.
FDIR / N-MaSS Instrument Simulator/Analyser
An ESA/ESTEC project, in which TELETEL implements N-MaSS end-point protocols as well as simulation SW of instrument and telemetry / telecommand of data sources, in an instrument simulator / analyser. TELETEL will also perform tests to verify the correct operation of an N-MaSS enabled end node, having as a target to demonstrate the backwards compatibility of N-MaSS to non N-MaSS enabled nodes.
Applicability of ARINC-664 (AFDX) in space on-board data networks
An FP7-SPACE project (MISSION), in which TELETEL designs, develops and validates on the iSAFT platform, a representative ground demonstrator of a S/C on-board architecture, in order to assess the suitability of AFDX technology elements over the SpaceWire physical interface for deterministic on-board data networks.
Starkit/SCOC3 Drivers & System Validation
An ESA/ESTEC project, where TELETEL validated the Basic Support SW for ASTRIUM’s SCOC3 Starter Kit board, consisting mainly of the I/O drivers, and associated Board Support Package. TELETEL has developed in the iSAFT platform the complete Starter kit integrated I/O Test Bench, made of SpW, MIL-STD-1553 and CAN test systems (functional/stress test suites + physical interfaces).
Protocol Validation System (PVS) for on-board communications
An ESA/ESTEC project, where TELETEL is developing an open, generic & fully integrated tool for validation / conformance testing, protocol monitoring & analysis, traffic generation & fault injection, and interfaces simulation supporting multiple physical interfaces (SpaceWire, ECSS 1553, ECSS CAN) & various on-board communication protocols (RMAP, PTP, Space Packet, TM/TC, CANopen, etc.), based on specific Space Industry needs and constraints.
Application of a BitTorrent-like data distribution model to Mission Operations
An ESA project with Thales Alenia Space France and INRIA in which design and simulation activities were performed with respect to the use of a torrent-like distribution model for space-ground and ground-ground communications in a high performance satellite scenario and a QB50 constellation scenario.
A SpaceWire Network Management tool (SPACEMAN)
TELETEL in cooperation with ITTI (Polish SME) works in the SPACEMAN ESA/ESTEC project, which has as main objective the validation of the SpaceWire PnP protocol using the iSAFT PVS platform.
Implementation and Validation of the SpaceWire-R Protocol (SpaceR)
TELETEL in cooperation with ITTI (Polish SME) works in the SpaceR ESA/ESTEC project, which has as main objective the validation of the SpaceWire–R protocol using the iSAFT PVS platform.
GALILEO interference signals
Design and development of a fully parametrised interference signals generator for GALILEO bands E1-E5 (THALES COMMUNICATIONS, SPACE ENGINEERING).
EGNOS algorithms
Design and development of a simulation tool allowing the validation and fine-tuning of EGNOS correction & integrity algorithms for positioning applications from different application areas (M3SYSTEMS).

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