“Microelectronics and software solutions for space, defence and aeronautics systems„
“Specialists in aerospace on-board data networks„
“25 years of experience in highly specialized, mission-critical industrial projects„

We specialise in the design, development and testing of leading edge technology electronic systems and high reliability software for the needs of the International & Hellenic Defence Industries.

In collaboration with major manufacturers of defence systems, we have developed solutions for:
  • Tactical Communications
  • Radar Systems
  • Command & Control
  • Simulation & Testing
  • Avionics Modernisation
We have successfully implemented and delivered advanced solutions and subsystems to major international defence industries including THALES AIR DEFENCE, THALES ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, MBDA and HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRY.
We are certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard. All company personnel and facilities are certified and authorised to handle graded material according to NATO C-M (55) 15 FINAL Security System. We are also registered in the Registry of Defence Material Manufacturers of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence for the activities of “Software Development for Defence systems” (Certificate No: 0051).

Our expertise

1. Tactical Communications

Understanding the needs of C4I applications for tactical communications at the battlefield, we design and develop solutions for modern military telecommunications networks of voice and data services.

The solutions feature an open architecture with high technology electronic components and conform to military standards. We develop subsystems or end products for:

  • Field Terminals (Digital, Analogue)
  • Communications Test Tools
  • Interworking Gateways
  • Communications Interception Systems


2. Radars / Command & Control

We provide design, development and testing services to major international defence manufacturers for hardware and software subsystems for demanding projects related to:

  • Radar Management Systems
  • Radar Signal Conversion, Routing & Recording
  • FPGAs for Radar Signals Processing Boards
  • Command & Control of Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems
  • Combat Management Subsystems
  • Graphical Environments
  • Emulators for Defence Applications


3. Testing of Defence Systems – ATE Development & Upgrade Services

Building on expertise acquired over the past years on test systems & microelectronics, we provide a comprehensive set of services related to customer-tailored Test Benches and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) including:

  • Design of customised Test Benches
  • Integration of new ATE Hardware Platforms
  • Modernisation of old Test Benches
  • Development, Rehosting & Adaptation of Test Programs
  • Development of custom Test SW Applications
  • Development of Interface Adapters, Cables & Fixtures
  • Installation, training, support, evolutive maintenance


The developed test benches are suitable at design, mock-up development, production, field trials & depot maintenance of electronic subsystems (digital, analogue, hybrid, embedded) and end-products used in the areas of Aeronautics – Avionics.


4. Integration of ATE HW Platforms

Our Test bench hardware platforms incorporate industry standards to provide a rugged reconfigurable test environment.

They feature an open modular design architecture, which integrates high-accuracy Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) test instruments (e.g. switching matrices, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, digitizers, waveform generators) of leading manufacturers including NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, GEOTEST, AGILENT, etc. we also develop Interface Test Adapters, cables and fixtures.


5. Development of Test Program Sets (TPS)

We provide a wide range of TPS services including design & development of new TPSs, modification & adaptation of existing TPSs and rehosting of existing test programs to other ATE platforms.

TPSs and graphical test applications are developed by utilising industry standard specialised test languages and modern test software design tools including LabVIEW, ATEasy, LabWindows, SDL, TTCN, ASN.1, C/C++ , ADA, XML and Visual Studio .NET.

We have developed the Test Process Optimisation Tool (TPOT) which minimises the entire testing cost. TPOT is an automated value added environment which simplifies the processes of implementing & executing test programs during the life cycle of an electronic subsystem. It implements a flexible Client-Server architecture and supports Automated test program source-object code generation, Database with automated documentation & reporting, and run-time test reconfiguration.


6. Avionics Modernisation

The in-depth experience of our engineers in high-reliability, military-type custom and semi-custom electronics, enables the company to provide cost-effective solutions for Modernisation Programs of Aerospace/Avionics electronics. The services provided include:

  • Redesign of Obsolete Aerospace subsystems
  • Upgrade of Out of Date Electronic components
  • Development of Adaptation modules
  • Replacement of old Cabling & Harnesses
  • Manufacturing of Electro-mechanical constructions
  • Integration, Installation & Testing of solutions


6. Microelectronics

We design, build, validate, and deliver high quality custom and semi-custom microelectronic products specialising in rapid prototyping, low volume production and fast turnarounds. The broad product lines, integrated design flow architecture and in-depth telecoms, industrial, military and commercial experience enable the delivery of cost-effective solutions to even the most challenging designs.

The Systems Engineering team is available for assistance in requirements related with custom analogue, mixed-signal, digital ASIC, hybrid, by using the state-of-the-art chips & chipsets and process technologies.

We enable our customers to get products to market faster than the competition. Rapid prototyping and production ramp-up is accomplished through close collaboration with the customers.

The team’s advanced technology capabilities in frequency control, signal processing and system integration enable us to provide high performance components and subsystems for:

  • Communication Equipment
  • Defence Electronics
  • Automated Testing Equipment
  • High Performance Embedded Systems
  • ASICs / FPGAs
  • Industrial Control & Automation Systems


Our references

Modernisation of cockpit displays

Reference project includes the design and development of software subsystems and microelectronics related with the retrofit of the Head-Down-Display (HDD) of MIRAGE 2000 EGM/BGM aircraft, which includes the replacement of existing CRT-type HDD with latest AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) technology displays.


Test Benches

We have developed new customer-tailored ATE solutions, upgraded existing Test Benches and customised TPSs for leading international industries. Recent reference projects include:

  • Development of Test Bench for the validation & maintenance of the retrofit of Head-Down-Displays of MIRAGE 2000 aircraft (HELLENIC AIR FORCE, MBDA)
  • Development of Test Bench for testing Network Interface Boards of telecoms products including protocol analysers, gateways, military field terminals (ALCATEL SEL, HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRY).


Tactical Voice-Data Terminals

Combining excellent software and hardware development expertise in telecommunications and defence, we design, develop and deliver high reliability, advanced functionality products for military communication applications.


Military Digital Voice & Data Terminal (EUROCOM)

  • Voice & Data Field Terminal
  • EUROCOM D/1 Classes 1,2,3,4
  • Data Protocols: X.20, X.21, VT100, STANAG 5000
  • Rugged, lightweight, waterproof
  • Conforms to Military Standards


Military Analogue Field Telephone

  • Tactical Field Voice Terminal
  • Connects to similar phone, tactical switchboard, PSTN
  • CB/LB operation and Pulse/Tone Dialing
  • Whisper Mode, “Crypto/Modem” functions (optional)
  • Conforms to Military Standards


Development for the PAAMS

Between 2003 – 2006, we have designed, developed & tested subsystems for the PAAMS Command & Control system.

Following successful delivery, we supported the evolutive maintenance of PAAMS for (3) more years.