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Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit

The Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit (MITU) provides full isolation between the input power source and the output. The unit has been designed to be used as a high protection and filtered element in electrical supply for electronics systems joints that are part of a system.

The MITU consists of the Mains Isolation Transformer, the internal remote on/off & EPO panel and the external remote on/off & EPO box with the Low Voltage Indicator. Measurements for input and output power are provided on digital displays on the unit’s front panel.


The key features of MITU include:

  • Input output Isolation Transformer
  • Input output galvanic isolated
  • Low voltage 48VDC redundant control circuit
  • Continuous insulation monitoring at the output
  • Separate ground points for input and output
  • Input & output measure of voltage & current
  • Input Overvoltage Suppressors
  • EPO / Start Up/Shutdown Unit
  • Standards: EN 61558-1:2005/A1:2009, EN 61558-2-4:2009, EN 61010-1:2010


TELETEL has the capability to supply MITUs from 3KVA to 100KVA Output Power.

TELETEL has been integrating and delivering EGSEs with MITUs since many years for European Space Missions.

Please contact us for the customization of the MITU according to your EGSE/SCOE requirements.


Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit

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