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Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit

The iSAFT-MITU is a Power Distribution Unit (PDU), which provides full isolation between the input power source and the output. This unit has been designed to be used as a high protection and filtered element in electrical supply for electronics systems that are part of EGSE / SCOE / ATE etc.

It consists of the Mains Isolation Transformer and Distribution unit, the optional internal rack-mountable remote on/off & EPO panel and the optional external remote on/off & EPO box with the Low Voltage Indicator. Measurements for input and output power are provided on digital displays on the unit’s front panel.

The iSAFT-MITU transformer is designed to be powered on with low inrush current without the use of a current limiter, preventing Start-Up Issues without the possibility of power cut off from an input fuse or hardware failure on a current limiter device.

The iSAFT-MITU integrates an Insulation Monitoring Device, which is activated in case of a single failure. Specifically, if any of the power lines gets in contact with the chassis of the equipment, the differential protection of the unit will cut-off the power supply for safety purposes.


The competive advantages and key benefits of the iSAFT-MITU include:

  • Start-Up low inrush current.
  • Continuous insulation monitoring on the output.
  • Separate ground points for input and output.
  • Selectable ground schema.
  • Double insulation chassis.
  • Proven industrial solution in various customers around Europe.
  • Customization of iSAFT-MITU from 1KVA to 50KVA Output Power, according to customer and application requirements.
  • The iSAFT-MITU has been integrated in various rack based test benches, automated test equipment and EGSEs for the aerospace sector.


Please contact us for the customisation of the iSAFT-MITU acocording to your EGSE/SCOE requirements.

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