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EGSE Components
Apart from complete EGSE solutions, TELETEL provides the following custom EGSE components.


EGSE Controllers

  • Built on iSAFT application SW framework (iSAFT RTE).
  • Monitoring, Control & Simulation functions, Scripts/Test Execution.
  • Local MMI based on the iSAFT graphical tool chain.3rd party SW integration / remote control through client API (C/C++, C#, Python available).
  • Interfaces with Central Checkout System (C&C CCSDS, EDEN, other).



EGSE Controller

Data Front Ends (SpaceWire , SpaceFibre, MIL-STD-1553, CAN)

  • Built on iSAFT Simulator & Recorder.
  • Support of various protocols including RMAP, CPTP, NDCP for SpaceWire, ECSS-E-ST-50-13C services for MIL-STD-1553, ECSS CAN / CANopen etc.
  • Combination of various interfaces/number of ports on the same platform (SpW, 1553, CAN, other) with IRIG & trigger timestamping / synchronization (FMEA available).
  • COTS boards by TELETEL (e.g. SpW) or other suppliers (e.g. AltaDT, ESD).



Data Front Ends

iSAFT Interface Cards



Discrete interfaces & I/O Front Ends

  • Generation / acquisition of all ECSS-E-ST-50-14C discretes (SHP/BSM, ASM, TSM, BDM etc.).
  • Controlled by the iSAFT Discrete Interfaces Acquisition and Control engine SW, through the EGSE controller.
  • IRIG interface, protection against internal failures with ìs reaction time.



Discrete interfaces

Power Front Ends

  • COTS Power Supply systems (e.g. Keysight, TTI, etc.).
  • Latching Current Limiters with programmable reaction and trip-off time.
  • Control & monitoring by the iSAFT Power Supply Distribution & Control engine SW (ON/OFF, error status, voltage / current measurements etc.), through the EGSE controller.



Power Front Ends

Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit

  • Full isolation between the input power source and the output.
  • Digital displays on the unit’s front panel for input and output power measurements.
  • Internal remote on/off & EPO panel.
  • External remote on/off & EPO box with the Low Voltage Indicator.



Mains Isolation & Transformer Unit

Ground Harness

  • EGSE internal and external cabling for connection to the system under test.
  • Controlled impedance for signal integrity.
  • Manufactured with 360° shield for optimum EMC.
  • Compatible with flight grade connectors.


Ground Harness