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iSAFT ARINC 664 Test Tool

The iSAFT ARINC 664 Test Tool was developed by TELETEL as a powerful and flexible monitoring and analysis tool for the validation of ARINC-664 on-board and high-speed communication networks used on the next generation of civil aircraft.

iSAFT is a fully integrated protocol validation system for communication networks supporting a wide range of protocols and physical interfaces. iSAFT has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, being now used in the avionics & space sectors. With hundreds of installations worldwide, iSAFT has been widely used for testing various communication networks (IP, IMS, Multimedia, VoIP, GSM/UMTS, AFDX, SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553, custom). It is easily expandable to support new physical interfaces & protocols and it is based on the iSAFT powerful graphical tool chain (Protocol Editor, Protocol Analyser, Test Runner, Traffic Generator, etc.)
Network Monitoring
Direct physical traffic acquisition via switch port or TAP
Observation & traffic analysis of both A and B redundant networks
Analytical display & logging of statistics Filtering & verification of received traffic.
Network Traffic Generation and Fault Injection
Emulation of network traffic applied on switch ports
Fault injection
Dedicated frame editor
SNMP Monitoring
Monitoring of all or selected MIB values across network agents
Configurable network topology
Correlation of MIB values to provide additional information & alarms
Analytical display & logging of statistics
AFDX Network Monitoring
Support for AFDX, IPv4, IPv6 and UDP protocols for network monitoring
Performance per VL, per IP, per communication port
Short IFG inspection verification per physical link
BAG inspection verification per VL
Maximum jitter inspection verification
Traffic A-B observation – correlation
Redundant Network Link Verification
Traffic A-B observation – correlation:
Verification of maximum skew, maximum frame size and frame sequence numbers
Statistics for A-B networks
Verification as with IFG
Filters & Triggers
Time-related monitoring trigger
Absolute time
Relative time
Filtering based on
One or more types of error
Matching bit pattern
Combination of the above
Traffic Policing
Short Inter-frame gap (IFG) inspection/verification
Bandwidth allocation gap (BAG) & jitter inspection/ verification
SNMP Monitoring
Acquisition & monitoring of MIB parameters of selected AFDX end systems and switches via SNMP
Correlation of specific MIB parameters
Correlation results displayed in dedicated windows by category
Logging capability
Observation of on-line & off-line statistics
AFDX Traffic & Fault Injection
Traffic injection supported at many protocol levels (AFDX, IPv4, IPv6, UDP)
Frames of different protocols combined into a single traffic file
Traffic files created with the dedicated frame editor for later or immediate use
Traffic file transmission for finite or infinite cycles
Supported traffic injection faults (MAC protocol layer):
Short or long frame size errors
Skew delay (in redundant mode)
CRC, short IFG frame errors
Preamble sequence errors
Sequence number mismatch errors
Byte alignment, physical symbol errors