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iSAFT SpaceWire Simulator/Recorder Software


The iSAFT SpaceWire Simulator/Recorder Software package includes:

  • Modern Graphical User Interface for complete local operation (Windows 10)
  • Advanced Packet Editors supporting “send/receive packet” operations through the local MMI (SpaceWire / RMAP / CPTP)
  • GUI for operating specific configurations (simulation, monitoring, traffic generation)
  • Boards and ports management / configuration application
  • SpaceWire, RMAP, CPTP simulation engine
  • Asynchronous SpaceWire transmission, bulk traffic generation
  • Per packet programmable Spacewire errors injection (EEP, parity, ESC error, disconnect, credit error, NCHAR / Time-Code sequence error, simultaneous D/S transition), programmable fault tolerance modes
  • Built-in recording function for received / transmitted packets (spy function) based on Wireshark Protocol Analyser
  • Wireshark Plug-Ins for decoding of SpW, RMAP, CPTP protocol messages.
  • Graphical tools for recordings management, searching and filtering
  • Filters configuration application, selective tracing (filtering) support for various protocols and packet patterns
  • Programmable transmission triggers per port, independent triggers for start/stop of capture
  • Statistics utilities, real-time statistics display per port
  • Traffic logs export to XML, PostScript®, CSV, or plain text
  • Remote Access APIs in C++ / Python / Java (Windows / Linux)


 Ordering Information:  iSAFT-SW101: iSAFT SpaceWire Simulator/Recorder Software


Optionally, the software package can include interfaces with EGSE Central Checkout System:

  • EDEN APIs & S2K MIB for integration with CCS
  • CCSDS C&C APIs & S2K MIB for integration with CCS


 Ordering Information:  iSAFT-SW012: iSAFT EDEN Remote Control – SpW


 Ordering Information:  iSAFT-SW024: iSAFT CCSDS C&C Remote Control – SpW