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iSAFT SpaceWire Front-End / Link Analyser


The iSAFT SpaceWire Front-End is a SpaceWire data interface with advanced asynchronous transmission, traffic generation & error injection capabilities that simulates SpaceWire devices or Instruments, enabling S/C integration tests before the availability of Flight Models.

It also constitutes a high performing, SpaceWire Link Analyser with modern network traffic capture, recording and analysis capabilities for the validation of satellite/spacecraft flight devices or ground testbed  devices implementing the SpaceWire protocol family.

The system supports 4 – 16 SpaceWire ports (independently configured from 1 – 400Mbps), RMAP/CPTP protocols, connection to Central Checkout Systems (CCS) and can also be combined in the same unit with other data networks (1553, CAN, SpaceFibre, WizardLink, etc.). It is a fully certified solution (FMEA) for connecting to flight units with more than 100 installations in space testbeds across Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc.

The system supports two distinct modes:

  • SpW Front-End mode, which allows SpW packets transmission and reception on the system’s SpW links. This mode also includes a built-in packet recorder for all sent and received SpW packets.
  • SpW Link Analyser mode, which allows passive monitoring, recording & protocol analysis of any external SpW link down to character level. This mode is extremely efficient for debugging existing SpaceWire networks.

The system is fully compliant to the general EGSE requirements for space missions and relevant ECSS standards. It is based on the iSAFT graphical tool chain for the configuration & management and can be controlled either from the local GUI or remotely through programming APIs. It is a powerful device for the validation of on-board data networks at early stages, minimizing costs and schedule.

The iSAFT SpaceWire Front-End / Link Analyser is offered in the following form factors:

Rackmount System – 1U Rackmount System – 2U Rackmount System – 3U


For more information, please download the product datasheet: Datasheet


 Ordering Information: iSAFT06.CB-07-YXX (Y indicates the form factor: 1, 2, 3 – XX indicates the number of ports: 04, 08, 12, 16)