“Microelectronics and software solutions for space, defence and aeronautics systems„
“Specialists in aerospace on-board data networks„
“25 years of experience in highly specialized, mission-critical industrial projects„

Building on its broad experience in microelectronics which has been acquired in various projects in the areas of space, defence and aeronautics, TELETEL has the capability to provide competitive HW development services.


TELETEL has the capability to design and develop microelectronics components such as:

  • FPGAs (Altera, XILINX, ACTEL etc.)
  • RadHard design / VHDL coding
  • Behavioral testbenches for IP Core verification
  • Verification and Validation of third party ICs
  • Digital/Analog/Mixed Signal PCB design


Recent reference HW development projects include:

  • Development of Network Interfaces Cards for telecoms and space applications (ALCATEL-LUCENT, ESA)
  • Development of FPGAs for processing boards of Radar systems (THALES AIR DEFENCE)
  • Head-Down-Displays for the MIRAGE-2000 EGM/BGM (HELLENIC AIR FORCE)
  • Wirelessly powered sensors for the Falcon 7X aircraft (DASSAULT)