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New release of the iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool


We are glad to announce the upgraded version of the iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool, which constitutes the only solution available in the market for the independent verification and troubleshooting of Time-Triggered Ethernet features, data networks and protocols.

The iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool has been upgraded to support:

  • The latest powerful SmartNIC Ethernet capture board with zero packet loss & full throughput at 1Gbps per port.
  • Automatic traffic analysis configuration using the latest TTTech’s network and device configuration files (TTEPlan and TTEBuild version 5.0).
  • Passive monitoring using Copper & Fiber network TAPs.

The iSAFT TTEthernet Verification-SPY Tool is offered in two form factors, as a Portable System and as a Rackmount System.

Having a solid knowledge of the Time-Triggered Ethernet technology, we are looking forward to discussing your verification and validation requirements.