“Microelectronics and software solutions for space, defence and aeronautics systems„
“Specialists in aerospace on-board data networks„
“25 years of experience in highly specialized, mission-critical industrial projects„
On-board and Ground Software Engineering

Building on broad experience in software methodologies, techniques & programming languages, TELETEL has the capability to provide competitive SW development services (SW Criticality Level ECSS Cat B, DO-178B) in the areas of space, defence & aeronautics.


TELETEL provides SW engineering services in various areas including:

  • On-board SW components for Space missions
  • On-board SW for Avionics
  • Ground software for aerospace and defence applications
  • Real-time SW for Radar systems, Command & Control applications
  • Network communication protocols and Simulation SW
  • Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV)
Development Services


EUCLID on-board application software development (ECSS Cat.B)
TELETEL develops the EUCLID Application Software components including Thermal Control, Power management, Payload management, TT&C management, CDMS management, System safeguard logic.
ALTIUS Instrument EGSE software development (ECSS Cat.D)

TELETEL designed, developed and validated EGSE controller software subsystems for the ALTIUS Instrument EGSE.

Customer: OIP Sensor Systems

JUICE CFDP on-board software development (ECSS Cat.B)

TELETEL designed and developed the on-board CFDP protocol for the JUICE mission.

Customer: ADS France

EUCLID Payload Module (PLM) AIT S/W support (ECSS Cat.D)

TELETEL is working with ADS France for the EUCLID PLM AIT SW support activities. TELETEL engineers are already working for relevant co-location engineering activities in Toulouse, France.

Customer: ADS France

IMA Separation Kernel Qualification Campaign & ISVV related activities (ECSS Cat.B)

TELETEL performed Independent Software Verification & Validation (ISVV) related activities for the XtratuM hypervisor (SW criticality Cat. B) in compliance with ECSS-E-ST-40C and ECSS-Q-ST-80C standards. Additionally, TELETEL designed and developed a validation platform and the relevant test suite for the qualification of XtratuM. The qualification activities were successfully performed using both TSIM for LEON3 (mono-core) and the GR712RC development board.

Customer: ESA, CNES

JUICE ground CFDP software development (ECSS Cat.D)

TELETEL was involved in the JUICE CCS development activities, as subcontractor to TERMA A/S (Denmark). TELETEL was responsible for the design, development and validation of the ground CFDP SW components.

Customer: TERMA, ADS France

CSO on-board software development (ECSS Cat.B)

TELETEL staff has worked for 4 years with ASTRIUM Satellites in Toulouse with respect to the development, integration and validation of on-board software components for AOCS sensors and actuators as well as Remote Interface Units for the acquisition of critical sensor data & telemetry and driving the thrusters that control the spacecraft.

Customer: ADS France

Real-time SW for Radar Management

TELETEL has developed embedded multi-tasking real-time software, including the Man-Machine Interface (MMI), for a RADAR control touch-panel console.

Customer: Thales Air Defence

Command & Control SW of an Anti-aircraft Missile System

TELETEL has developed tools for the automatic generation & validation of messages for the PAAMS external interfaces from XML definition files and a dedicated database. The interface management software between the Command & Control unit and the vessel combat system as well as between the Command & Control unit and the PAAMS operation console was developed.

Customer: Thales Air Defence

Command & Control SW of an Anti-aircraft Missile System