“Microelectronics and software solutions for space, defence and aeronautics systems„
“Specialists in aerospace on-board data networks„
“25 years of experience in highly specialized, mission-critical industrial projects„
Our History

We are a leading research and development company for innovative turn-key solutions and cost-effective products. We were established in 1995 and we specialize in the leading-edge areas of Space, Defence and Aeronautics. Our main competence is the provision of system, SW & HW solutions mainly for communication systems with special emphasis on test & validation. For more than 25 years we have provided solutions for various communication networks (legacy telecoms, radar & missile communications, avionics communications, space on-board & ground communications, etc.), having developed various physical interfaces, communication protocols, integrated test benches, simulators, etc.


We have been an approved development house for ALCATEL-LUCENT since 1995. We have developed an integrated powerful SW/HW environment for the simulation, validation & monitoring of a wide range of protocol based systems. It constituted a highly successful protocol validation tool in the telecommunication sector & with hundreds of installations worldwide (including ALCATEL-LUCENT, MOTOROLA, A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA and many others) and it has been widely used for testing of various telecommunication networks (ISDN, V5, SS7, IN, GSM, UMTS, VoIP, IMS custom).

Since 2000, in collaboration with major manufacturers of defence systems, we have successfully implemented and delivered advanced electronic systems and high reliability software for Tactical Communications, Radar Systems, Command & Control, Simulation & Testing, Avionics Modernisation to major international defence industries including THALES AIR DEFENCE, THALES ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, MBDA and HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRY.

Since 2007, various activities in the validation of aerospace related components (SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553, SpaceFibre, Time Triggered Ethernet, IMA TSP, etc.) have been successfully handled and internal infrastructure (i.e. representative testbeds for S/C on-board network architecture) has gradually been built. We have developed our own platform/product (i.e. iSAFT) for validation, monitoring and interfaces simulation, in cooperation with ESA & Space Primes, to comply with space on-board industrial validation requirements (ECSS, EGSE, AIT, AIV, etc.).

iSAFT is an advanced, integrated, high performing, modern platform for the simulation, validation & monitoring of a wide range of satellite/spacecraft on-board communication protocols (RMAP, PTP, CCSDS Space Packet, TM/TC, CANopen, etc.) and data networks (SpaceWire, SpaceFibre, ECSS MIL-STD-1553, ECSS CAN, WizardLink, Ethernet). Based on iSAFT, we have developed and delivered high-quality testbench solutions to leading Aerospace industries including EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA), AIRBUS, THALES ALENIA SPACE, DASSAULT AVIATION.