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Quad SpaceWire PCIe Interface Card


The iSAFT Quad SpaceWire Interface Card is an advanced PCIe SpaceWire interface, supporting SpW simulation with error injection and built-in recording capabilities. It is suitable for multiple applications in the space sector, including Data Front-Ends, EGSE/SCOEs.
The card is based on TELETEL’s powerful SpaceWire codec, and it is a proven solution in various spacecraft /satellite testbeds in Europe and Japan.
The board is delivered with a practical SDK, and can be complemented with additional software modules allowing to save development / integration time.


Main features & competitive advantages:

  • Full height / Half length PCIe form factor board with multi-Gbps overall throughput
  • Four SpW Ports with independently programmable Link speed up to 400Mbps, full compliance to ECCS-E-ST-50-12C
  • SpW Simulation / Emulation capabilities with built-in packet recording functions, Asynchronous transmission & Traffic generation support
  • IRIG-B002/006 generator / receiver TTL/RS-422 electrical levels, with down to 8 nano-seconds accuracy / resolution, with IRIG signal regeneration capability in order to cascade multiple boards / systems
  • Per port / packet triggered transmission conditions (packet to packet delay, transmission on Time-Code / IRIG Timestamp with / without time offset, etc.), Packet & Time-Code transmission on external strobe, etc.
  • Provision of several trigger in / out signals with multipurpose functionality (start of capture stimulation, generation of events, synchronization with external equipment, etc.)
  • SpW Error injection (EEP, parity, ESC error, disconnect, credit error, NCHAR / Time-Code sequence error, simultaneous D/S transition), programmable fault tolerance modes
  • Flight equipment protection against internal failures (FMEA available)
  • Rx / Tx with 8 ns timestamping resolution
  • Transmit more than 2 Million packets / sec
  • Support more than 2,5 Gbps aggregate traffic
  • Multi-board management, concurrent access
  • Industry’s most advanced SpW codec which can be extended with RMAP, NDCP, CPTP
  • Seamless integration with EGSE software
  • Proven solution in multiple EGSE test benches across Europe & Japan


It includes:

  • Windows / Linux driver APIs (C# / C++ driver)
  • iSAFT Self-test utility




Application Areas:

  • SpW Data Front Ends with online data recording
  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) / Test Benches
  • Hardware In the Loop Simulation
  • New prototyping / experimentation



 Ordering Information:  iSAFT-NIC005: Quad SpW PCIe NIC – G3 (with IRIG support)