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TELETEL delivered Instrument EGSE Set#2 for the Copernicus LSTM mission

Following the delivery of the Copernicus LSTM I-EGSE Set#2, the Acceptance Review with our customer Airbus Defence & Space (ADS) has been successfully completed !

LSTM I-EGSE Set#2 includes the complete CCS and science data processing software (QLK) from Terma, which receives and processes the instrument scientific data through the iSAFT WizardLink Front End product.

The next steps include the relevant training activities and the retrofitting of LSTM I-EGSE Set#1 with the complete EGSE functionality.

Thank you ADS and ESA for your continuous support and co-operation !


The LSTM mission objective is to complement the existing family of Copernicus satellites observation capabilities with high spatio-temporal resolution Thermal Infrared observations over land and coastal regions in support of agriculture management services, and a range of additional services.

The LSTM I-EGSE will be used to verify and integrate the LSTM instrument during the AIT phases of the project. This encompasses the verification of initial Bread-Board models in isolation, up to the complete instrument composed of flight model equipment. It will provide the physical interfaces to the instrument & GSE and a software environment for command, monitoring, database management, test evaluation and automation, test archive and data retrieval capabilities.